X, 2013
Found objects, digital prints, 35mm slides, ceramics, dust from One Liberty Plaza

X is a site-specific installation incorporating found objects, photographs, 35mm slides and dust collected from the active floors of One Liberty Plaza. Located in a politically charged location on the semi-abandoned 12th floor high up above and exactly between Zuccotti Park and the World Trade Center, the temporary LMCC studio space looks out over a complex emotional landscape.
This work depicts the figurative sculpture of a lone businessman created by J. Seward Johnson Jr. (of Johnson & Johnson family lineage) and permanently installed in the park below as the protagonist with three photographs, which enact a dramatic series of formal, material, and psychological relationships. The photos are placed within a series of discarded picture frames that form an 'X' shape, echoing the revolving doors at the main entrance to the atrium of the building - the permeable seam where 'capitalism' meets its discontents as the park begins. This compositional motif recurs throughout the work in a series of dust-coated window reinforcement drawings and a revolving postcard stand. The postcards depict alternating images of the silent body language of hand gestures used by Occupy in general assembly meetings and dissolve images of window reflections taken from within the 12th floor's interior, which has remained resigned from for-profit functioning since 9/11.
Celebrated as a symbolic beacon of hope following the attacks of September 11th, only to be re-defined and reclaimed as a symbolic whipping boy for the "1%" by legions of Occupy protestors in Zuccotti, the bronze body of the sculpture has proven to be an empty conduit through which multiple and conflicting discursive meanings have flowed since its creation in 1982, as necessitated by the local tragedy and uprisings intrinsic to the site.
And as both bodies and interpretations continue to cycle throughout the figurative and literal axes of the 'X', interpretations of both the site and this work which chronicles it will continue to evolve and change.

This project was created at LMCC Workspace Residency