Gesture and its Discontents, 2013
Oil on linen, oil on glass, unfired clay, ceramics, India ink on paper, Giclée print

The works included in the Gesture and its Discontents series utilize the patented and copyrighted system of touchscreen gestures as raw material for producing paintings, drawings and sculptures. Eschewing the impulses to both 'critique' and 'express' through a medium, the works in the series use oil paint, clay, and pastel as vehicles through which to literally re-inscribe this contemporary body language, which we are coming to depend on in navigating our way through the digital world. The piece appropriates the familiar shapes and proportions of common smart phone and tablet frames as templates within which to make marks. "Pinches" and scrapes in clay come to recall ancient Cuneiform tablets, slides and scuffs in oil resemble the direct, unmediated marks found both in the caves at Lascaux and children's finger painting alike, and lines scrawled in India ink suggest cracks resulting from a broken screen (an incident which simultaneously 'individuates' the device visually while often terminating its functionality). An unconsciously dashed-off swipe across a cracked screen can well prove to be a painfully flicked touch, which draws blood.